Trainer dies after reportedly suffering cracked skull, broken bones and deep cuts top face and neck after brutal attack in circus
The animal suddenly charges and leaps on top of the trainer as the crowd watch in disbelief.

Horrific footage has emerged of the shocking moment a lion tamer is killed by one of the beasts during a live show.

The man was performing for a crowd in a circus show in Alexandria, northern Egypt, when the attack happened.

According to a security source quoted by Al, the victim was 35-year-old Shaheen Islam, who worked as a trainer in the Alexandria’s Lion village.

Islam died from the horrific injuries he sustained in the attack.

The trainer was reportedly giving a presentation for students when the animal turned on him.

Video shot by an audience member shows the lion tamer standing nose-to-nose with the fearsome beast.

But soon afterwards, everything goes wrong, as the animal charges and leaps on top of the helpless circus worker.

With only a stick to protect himself, Islam is at the mercy of the predatory big cat.


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