[Video] Boy, 15, opens fire on teacher and fellow students at school

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At least five people have been injured after a teenager with depression opened fire at an American school in Northern Mexico.

The boy can be seen holding his arm out as he points the gun at the top of the picture.

A 24-year-old teacher and four pupils, aged 14 and 15, are among the injured, including the 15-year-old gunman.

CCTV footage shows the boy sitting at a desk before he aims his gun at another boy, shooting him in the head from just a few feet away.

He then shoots at the teacher twice as he stands up before wandering around the classroom at the Colegio Americano del Noreste, firing randomly for a few seconds.

Everyone else in the classroom dives for cover under tables while the 15-year-old points the gun at his own head.

Eventually he returns to his desk to reload before shooting himself in the head, giving other pupils the opportunity to flea.

Local media had earlier reported three people were killed.

Aldo Fasci, security spokesman for the northern state of Nuevo Leon, said the 15-year-old student entered the Colegio Americano del Noreste with a gun and started shooting, leaving three of the victims and himself gravely injured.

‘In the video, you can see the minor take out the gun, shoot the teacher and then another child,’ Fasci told local television. ‘He is there for a while, pointing at other students, and a few minutes later he opens fire. We have no motive yet.’

Television footage showed ambulances and police outside the private bilingual school, which includes pre-school, elementary and high school classes, located south of the industrial city of Monterrey.

Fasci said one 15-year-old student was shot in the arm, and two 14-year-olds were shot and injured. There were no details on the nationalities of the victims.

He said the shooter was being treated for depression and had brought a .22 caliber firearm from home.

Oscar Aboytes, spokesman for emergency services in Nuevo Leon, said all of the wounded were rushed to hospital.

Photos widely distributed on social media showed three people lying on the floor of a classroom with pools of blood around their heads. Reuters was not able to confirm the authenticity of the images.

A receptionist at the school said she had no additional information on the shooting.