HSC 2016: Voici la liste des lauréats

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Voici les noms des 45 lauréats de la cuvée 2016 du Higher School Certificate (HSC). Il y a 45 boursiers au total. Le taux de réussite à ces examens est de 75,46%.

Le nombre de lauréats par école

Le nombre de lauréats par école


La liste des lauréats

La liste des lauréats

SSR National Scholarships (Science Side)

Boys: Ng Ki Kwong Koi Chung - Royal College Curepipe

Girls: Muniarath Begum - Queen Elizabeth College


BOYS (Science Side) (4)

Rujidawah Tanzil - College St Esprit

Nastil Sharvin - MGI Moka

Juboo Gansham - College St Esprit

Su Hon Wa Jerry - Royal College Port Louis

GIRLS (Science Side) (4)

Wong Gun Yam - GMD Atchia

Heeramun Tashiana - Queen Elizabeth College

Jingen Dorgesharicha - Droopnath Ramphul College

Yip Wan Wing Sandrine - Queen Elizabeth College

BOYS (Economics Side) (2)

Mustan Nore Mohamed - Royal College Curepipe

Napaul Anas - Royal College Port Louis

GIRLS (Economics Side) (2)

Gogaha Vidushi - Queen Elizabeth College

Khan Zafoor - Doha Secondary School

BOY (Arts Side) (1)

Kodabacus Nabil - Royal College Curepipe

GIRL (Arts Side) (1)

Pamah Ashwini - Pamplemousses State Secondary School  

BOYS (Technical Side) (1)

Venkata Subadu Viashnav - MGI MOKA

GIRLS (Technical Side) (1)

Lin Wam Gewendoline - MGI MOKA


Busiah Ronny - Royal College Port Louis


BOYS (Science Side) (4)

Chac Chi Fabien - Sir Abdool Raman Osman

Venkasamy Kevin - Royal College Port Louis

Kuriman Mohamed Raffick - MGI MOKA 

Lamomahed Yasser - Royal College Port Louis

GIRLS (Science Side) (4)

Boolaky Kajol - Dr Maurice Curé 

Beehary Tanishka - Queen Elizabeth College

Lutchmee Raminee - Modern College

Foondun - Queen Elizabeth College 

BOYS (Economics Side) (3)

Dunoo Sorraj Kumar - Royal College Curepipe

Ramasaha Abisek - Royal College Curepipe

Risool Karan - Royal College Curepipe

GIRLS (Economics Side) (3)

Li Chit Kim - Dr Maurice Curé

Moneegadoo Bhoomati - Droopnath Ramphul State College

lalchand Sharadhah - Queen Elizabeth College

BOYS (Arts Side) (2)

Kurlapi Lutchmaya - Royal College Curepipe

Azir Bilall Ahmad - Royal College Curepipe

GIRLS (Arts Side) (2)

Laljee Marie Tessa - GMD Atchia

Nabeebacus - Forest Side SSS

BOYS (Technical Side) (2)

Ramanjooloo - College du St Esprit

Rushil Sarvesh - Royal College Curepipe

GIRLS (Technical Side) (2)

Chan Yin - College St Marie

Boodiya - Queen Elizabeth College


BOYS (2)

Felicite Rown Nevil - Rodrigues College

Collin - Rodrigues College


Leste Karishma - Rodrigues College

Etienne Korelie - Rodrigues College 

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