Fake warning message being shared across Facebook

You can also highlight the text to listen to it.

According to a warning message that is currently spreading across Facebook, Mauritians should not go outside in the middle of the night to turn off their taps if they find them running. It is a hoax.

The message reads as follows:

*WARNING* If you wake up in the middle of the night to find that your outside taps are running, *DO NOT GO OUTSIDE* to turn them off! Robbers are now using that to get unsuspecting victims to open their doors so that they can attack them. Be safe out there. (Source: CID Headquarters) Kindly spread the word.

According to a Cybercrime Unit officer, this is a hoax. He also warns Mauritians not to spread this message any further:

I don't know why some people made this bad joke but we can assure you that this is false. Actions will be taken against the perpetrator.