Emtel’s Airbox Caters for Wireless Internet Nationwide

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Emtel’s Airbox can now reach all parts of the island. As from today, January 31, clients can subscribe to the broadband Internet packages.

Emtel proposes wireless technology of two types: the Fiber To The Air (FTTA), and the 4G Long Term Extension (LTE). The former comes with a satellite dish, and a preliminary test has to be conducted to gauge whether an optimal connection is possible; if this does not work, that is, in case of bad connection, a modem 4G-LTE will be set up.

The new services were launched at Bagatelle on January 30. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the telephone operator company, Teddy Bhullar, explains that the demand of clients has greatly increased, thereby making it an absolute necessity to widen the broadband Internet coverage.

The new Internet package includes a landline, with 60 minutes of free call. The installation procedures will also be covered by the firm. New clients will be having free service next month.

Also, Airbox prices remain unchanged: Rs 934 for 10 Mbps, Rs 1,284 for 10 Mbps, and Rs 1,784 for 30 Mbps.

Emtel - Airbox : l'Internet haut débit désormais disponible pa...

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Posted by Emtel on Tuesday, January 31, 2017