How to upload panoramic photos on Facebook

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You don’t really need a RICOH THETA to capture and share panoramas on Facebook. In this tutorial you will learn a simple trick to upload panoramic pictures on Facebook.

You don’t really need a RICOH THETA to capture and share panoramas on Facebook. The photospheres created using an Android phone are perfectly fine - as long as you are willing to make a few edits. All you need to do is modify the EXIF data of the image, and upload to Facebook using your computer.

Step 1

Download ExifToolGUI v5.16 from here and extract the archive.

Step 2

Download ExifTool from here and extract. Rename the extracted file to exiftool.exe and paste it to C:\Windows\

Step 3

Download the template (‘GPano2.ini) which will allow you to edit the Make and Model fields of the EXIF data in your image from here. (Right-click on the link and choose 'Save link as' or 'Save target as')

Step 4

It is recommended that you copy your panoramic image to a separate folder so as to minimize chances of the software freezing.

Step 5

You need to then run ExifToolGUI from the folder you had extracted it to in STEP 1. Browse to the folder containing your panorama in the 'Browse' section on the left, and select the photo in the 'Filelist'. Go to the menu and navigate to Program>Workspace definition file>Load and load ‘GPano2.ini’. This file will allow you to change 'Make' and 'Model' in the 'Workspace' properties under the 'Metadata' section on the right of the interface.

Step 6

Step 6

Follow the screenshot above and change the ‘Make’ and ‘Model’ fields as shown to ‘RICOH’ and ‘RICOH THETA S’. Enter the new value, hit the return (Enter) key, and after both fields are updated press Save on the bottom right.

Step 7

That’s it! Now when you upload the image to Facebook using your computer it will recognize it as an interactive panorama. Here’s an example of an image we uploaded.